Mandela V. King

Both Mandela and King fought to integrate thier countries. Mandela used rugby to unite his country of South Africa. The problem was whites were cheering for South Africa and The blacks were cheering against. in the end the country was united.

 KIng was fighting for equal rights in the United states. He used boycotts sit ins marches and other peacful methods of protest.  He gave his most famous speech -“I Have A Dream”- In washington D.C.  unlike Mandela Martin Luther King was killed in Memphis by a Manwhp didnt want equal rights for African Americans.

Everyday Heros

I think Med-evac Pilots are heroic. They fly helicopters evacuating sick or wounded people from far away areas.  Med-evac pilots fly amywhere from War zones to cities like huntsville. They even fly in places where natural disasters have destroyed all conventional airstrips and the only thing that can get people out are helicopters.

Mystery Book Talk Pt.5

The end of the book begins like this. Theodore Meets the mystery witness. He is an illegal immigrant who refuses to come forward for the sole reason that he is afraid he will be arrested and deported on the spot. Theodore then talks to the witness and tells him his parents are willing to sponsor him and he can obtain hois documentation. After talking with Bobby The witness some  more and he obtains the gloves used by Mr. Duffy to kill his wife. He shows his parents and they hold a meeting with Judge Gantry. He Later declares a mistrail and says that the trial will begin again in april. Theodore and his cousin spend the next weeks preparing for the trial and the cross examination. And so another great book has ended i would recomend it to anybody.

Mystery Book Talk Pt.4

There isnt really a climax in this book. There is rising action but the climax happens at the end of the book and leaves a cliff hanger. Anyway Theodore boone finds a witness who saw the crime take place theres just one problem… He is an illeagal immigrant from El Salvador so he wont come forward during the trial. So theodore and his parents meet with the judge and tell him everything. Later theodore tells the witnes who by the way his name is Bobby, That if he comes forward theodores’ parents will sponsor him so he agrees. When the judge hears the news he orders a mistrial. The End

Mystery Book Talk Pt3

I havent really read this book in a long time but i did read the deffendants side of the murder story. It basicly contradics everything the prosecuter said. Thats really the only twist thats happened so far. And although the book seems boring, trials that take five or six chapters and very lond dialouges its actually quite interesting and descriptive. All in all this is a great book. John Grisham has done an excellent job of making this book interesting for young adults.

Mystery Book Talk Pt2

In the book so far Theodore Bonne -the main character- Is a thirteen year old boy who lives in Strattenburg. When he grows up he wants to be a great trial lwayer. His parents are both lawyers and he knows all the judges. One day he asks Judge Gantry if he can take his class to a trial the judge says yes. The next day Theodore takes his government class to see a murder trail. Pete Duffy is accused of killing his wife. His motives were he was going broke and he had purchased a life insurance policy so in the event of his wife’s death he would recive one million dollars. He had started playing golf alone waitng for a windy day where no witnesses would be around. The killer also took some items to make it look like a burglury This is the prosecuters side of the story all the evidence was circumsatntial. I Havent read the defendants side of the story.

Theodore Boone Mystery Book Project Pt1. (Author Study

John Grisham was born Febuary 8, 1955 In Jonesbro, Arkansas. He was a practicing criminal lawyer before he became a writer. He also served in the house of representatives in Mississippi from 1984 until 1990. John grisham became famous for his book the firm. The firm bcame a movie. He lives in both Oxford, Mississippi,and Charlottesville, Virginia. He has a wife, Renne, And two children: Shea and Ty.


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